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About Luther Glover

Luther Glover grew up in the inner city of Kansas City, KS.

I did not have a huge name and did not have tons of school offers etc. I used to be talked about and told I would never make it in basketball, but with a strong work ethic and my mom and dad in my corner and more importantly me not giving up on myself, the result was a lot different.

I played college ball at KCKCC, then transferred to Lincoln University. After I graduated I went on to play professionally in Mexico, Columbia, Finland, Estonia, India, Poland, Ukraine, Khasitson, NBA D league. Once I stopped playing in 2013 I opened my gym and began training adults for everyday health, weight loss, strength/conditioning for athletes from middle school to professionals in basketball skill development and sports performance training in all sports basketball, football, rugby, baseball, volleyball etc.

My motto is “always believe in yourself, at the end of the day you have to be your biggest fan!”

Degrees/ certifications:


Business Administration degree


Bio-mechanics and Movement degree


ISSA Strength and Conditioning certificate


ACE certificate