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About Luther Glover Workouts

What Sets Us Apart

  • Own private facility
  • Relationship based
  • Top of the line resources- weight room, vertimax, inbody, d2, and etc
  • Provide nutritional guide among workout material
  • Realistic in game situations
  • Positive and competitive environment
  • Effective training sessions and authentic assessment to measure progress



To assist athletes in elevating their game by providing them with the resources necessary to develop their skills and sport IQ.


To work with all athletes from beginners to pros. Our goal is to be the top progressive training program in the Mid-West.

Training Philosophy

Our training and development philosophy begins and ends with an increase in individual skills through weight training, speed and agility, sport specific circuit training, and advanced nutrition techniques to encompass all areas of athletic growth. We believes that footwork and perfecting basic skills are vital components to success in any sport. We ensure that every workout we provide these key components are incorporated. Through our services we assist athletes in developing mentally and physically through 4 elements: commitment, self-perseverance, accountability, and work ethic.

This philosophy empowers athletes with knowledge and information to further improve their skills.

During training, immense focus is placed on working hard, having a positive attitude, and commitment to improving performance every time a player steps on the court, field, or their respective playing area. We work with each athlete to help develop their own personal basketball identity for enhancement.