The color and fit of her outfit is just perfect. Scroll through to see all of the photos from this year's Commonwealth Day celebrations.

I like Kate's hat too (I'm on a hat kick today). CB, “perhaps” is certainly the operative word for much of what you say, and indeed most of the speculation, including mine, about “Megxit” necessarily consists of guesswork. It's a perfect outfit, great colour, wonderful makeup, great hat (looks fresh, modern and totally appropriate), nice accessories. Each lady has a positive. Sophie and Catherine are my favorite looks. I learned this from the woman who fits me for bras at her shop in NYC. I googled the engagement picture of C&C, and I have to admit that I never thought nothing wrong there either. NOTHING will hurt the crown. As many organisations around the country are reopening, I send my warmest best wishes and support to business communities throughout the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and across the world. Did he also mentioned his feelings for Camilla and Charles after their behavior while he (Charles) was still married to his mum?Truth be told, we know nothing about their feelings, and yet you write as if you are an authority on these matters.

The person arrives, cuts ribbons, shakes hands, sits with a selected group and listens for a hour or so, performs some small specified task, and returns to opulence directly.

“When you compare Harry and Meghan’s interaction with William and Kate to their interactions with the other people around them, it gives you a sense [that] something is up — we just don’t know what,” Cobb observes. My favorites: Camilla looks stunning in her dark navy lacy dress and hat. I honestly can't quite understand the comments on "bad bra" or "too tight dress" etc.


Kates hairstyle is beautiful.

Commonwealth Day Theme 2020. The color suits her, but for me it's too red. The Queen, Camilla, Catherine: appropriate, nice, all dressed in their own type of uniform.Meghan: very nice dress, great colour but ill fitting around the bustline.
Mae, @janechantal , Oh my goodness!!

Perhaps a short cape woul'd be better. Catherine is better outfitted than I personally anticipated.

So much dislikes. It is just after making a brief stop to greet a gentleman in a wheelchair. The Q 's blue coat is very lovely. Meghan and William kept a distance perhaps because they are feeling some kind of distance.”.

In London, Her Majesty and guests are ringing in the day with a multi-faith service. I wish them all the best. The organisation has grown far beyond its initial membership of eight nations in 1949. But I wish them all the best and hope they will get what they want, whatever that is.

Each year, the royal family celebrates the 54 commonwealth countries in a service at Westminster Abbey. I did not say he didn't know. Not crazy about this shape in general but love that color.Glo, What I don't understand is why Meghan all of a sudden for this trip looks so put together but she couldn't/chose not to dress this way before.

Part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group.Powered by VIP, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). Sequins, beads,prints, and beautiful clingy silhouettes. The Grenfell ladies for instance, still continue to run their soup kitchen. In no way do I consider him blameless in this.

It definitely was not helpful. Ana, Well I am in America so I can't read much of what the media is saying.

For those who make fun of or trivialize the power of the queen from behind their keyboards, it is telling me that you really do not understand exactly what her position is.

The media, throughout, have been relentlessly about the business of stirring the pot, veering back and forth from approval to disapproval of both camps, to the detriment of all.As for Prince Harry, I think he is mistaken in believing that he must reject his heritage in order to protect his family, but he has said that he feels there is no other way. They decided that the press was too much. Sophie's undergarments are always perfect, which is why so many of her clothes fit so well, even inexpensive clothes.

The hat however the find too fussy with the three roses at the back. Every product on this page was chosen by a Harper's BAZAAR editor. Today provides an opportunity for thanks, and a recognition of the dedication and risks faced by those serving our nation. They all look great, and I think everyone's bustline is absolutely fine. @2:09. The Queen has been Head of the Commonwealth since she acceeded to the throne in 1952, but pledged her life to the service of Commonwealth citizens years before she became Queen. The father of teenage girls does not question why teenage girls were always at his friend's house without parents? He has far more plenty and serious missteps. I agree with all your assessments, but I liked the netting. End of story.
By Annie Goldsmith.

Catherine and Sophie look superb, so proud of them!

Everyone else looks great. Also can you advise as how do you know that he was upset? It looks like a piece of fabric left after the dress is sewn. Nice re-wear for Kate but with a new hat.

It is made by the Courtiers and signed off by the Queen.William and Kate would not have removed themselves from the procession is the choice was theirs.

It is what it is and they will still be working with their patronages.

I like the green colour as well as the style with the one shoulder cape, and don't think there's anything wrong with the way it fits her.

Meghan's dress is beautiful and the color is good but I do not care about that fabric around her neck. She is the Queen. The lace is a bit too much to me. Opinions maybe. I have always thought that because women are of different sizes and ages, it’s ok to look different in this area too.

The tabloids have convinced some people that this is a soap opera, and they have given roles to each protagonist.

She just needs a professional tailor to adjust her dress directly to her body.The scarf (?) I do wonder how the ‘family dynamics were on the inside’... a bit tense I would imagine. She does not have to look like an older woman. While Harry and Meghan returned to London last week, Kate and William were busy building diplomatic ties with Ireland.

Rebel Wilson Has Been Flaunting Her Weight Loss and Damn She Looks Good! That was one of the reasons they possibly went forward and divulged it. Queen Elizabeth peered out of the car's back windows, before exiting the vehicle. Each year, the royal family celebrates the 54 commonwealth countries in a service at Westminster Abbey. Marvel.

I think that all ladies look absolutely smashing; each with their own style. And Meghan’s makeup is so soft and pretty, especially her eye makeup.

Kate delivered an elegant range of casual and dressed-up ensembles, with lots of green and plenty of polka dots. Beautiful, luscious green emerald dress. Was she present?

As much as he disgusts me also, he was not the one trafficking the girls. Harper's BAZAAR participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

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