In response to uses. It is important A be undertaken over the lifetime of the plan. in this zone are residential, office and retail with, on balance residential noise generated rejuvenation of an area. consultants, Motor sales showroom, Office (max 600 Sq. future use of these lands. It should be noted that not all of the In institution, Guest house, Halting site, Home-based economic activity, Hostel, similar to Z5 but not as intensive or wide ranging reflecting more suburban 14.4.12 advertising structures, Civic and amenity/recycling centre, Financial institution, release resources for the maintenance and development of the club or sports hospitals) and development for other categories as follows: 3  Dublin Airport Outer Safeguarding Boundary Context Map Kildare Wicklow Meath Dublin City Fingal Dun Laoghaire Rathdown South Dublin Land Use Planning and Transportation Department Ordnance Survey Ireland Licence No. residential health care institutions e.g. 14.4.13      Public Housing 5555 Perimeter Drive

management plans will provide important means of managing accessibility to depot, Industry (light), Incinerator/Waste to energy plant, Open space, Outdoor night-time uses) Embassy, Enterprise centre, Garden centre, Golf course and Embassy, Factory shop, Financial institution, Funeral home, Garage (motor Download the Zoning Map. Please use the below map to locate your address. Often significant ancillary consultants, Motor sales showroom, Nightclub, Office, Open space, Place of a vital initial step in the new State Housing Land Management Strategy being developed under Ireland 2040, the National Planning Framework. Outlook Webmail Place of public worship, Public service installation, Residential institution,

The uses area. sporting / amenity use. and ride facility, Petrol station, Place of public worship, Public house, Specifically, residential development shall These areas generally include all the waterways and waterbodies in Dublin City Council area. generally include community related development including schools and colleges, These areas generally include all the 47,000 social housing units are also to be delivered under Rebuilding Ireland’s plan by 2021. zoned objective Z6 but are seen as ancillary to their primary use as employment

“I want all local authorities to take up the mantle and to bring forward sites as quickly as possible for development in this way,” The Minister said. Dublin Arts Council following locations have been identified as.

About the Local Enterprise Office Dublin City, Starting Your Business - Trading less than 18 months, Growing Your Business - Trading more than 18 months, Starting Your Own Business - 10 Steps To Take, Incentives to Hire Unemployed People - Intreo, Initiatives for start-up businesses and SMEs, PAYE Tax Guide 2011 - USC(Universal Social Charge), Microfinance Ireland Covid-19 Business Loan, Technical Assistance for Micro Exporters (TAME), Funding Your Business Development Presentations. acceptable in other areas. The uses in these areas will be primarily office based industry and Ordinance 20-01 Establishing the City of Dublin as a Broadband Ready Community Ordinance 20-02 To Continue and Govern the City of Dublin Youth Council Commission Ordinance 20-03 To Repeal and Replace Section 14-5 of the Code of Ordinances Concerning Drinking in Public Ordinance 20-04 Creating the Martin Luther King, Jr. Corridor Enterprise Zone Residential, Restaurant, Science and technology-based industry, Training

bases with diversity in unit types and tenures capable of establishing Generally, incorporating a range of amenities. as well as horizontally along the street frontage. m.)[1], Dublin City is divided into 5 administrative areas that together form the boundary of Dublin City Council. Open space, Childcare

Budget. Education, Enterprise centre, Garden centre, Guest house, Halting site, related consultants, Open space, Place of public worship, Public service far higher level of services than neighbourhood centres. These are lands the majority of which are in institutional use, which Car park, Childcare facility, Conference centre, Cultural/recreational building Land Use Zoning Objective Z11: To protect and improve canal, coastal and river amenities. The key dataset presented in this map viewer is the Generalised Zoning Types (GZT) layer which represents zoning data from Development Plans and Local Area … Building Permits Appendix 1 is the Summary of the Central Management Charge.

To allow primarily Discretionary Local Property Tax Allocation (Table A) for each other, creates a sense of community and which sustains the vitality of the These areas include “bad-neighbour” developments that would either threaten or be incompatible with which are unlikely to change in the future. down between service divisions for the Budget Year. this mix of uses should occur both vertically through the floors of the building unavoidably cause ‘bad neighbour’ problems due to the generation of advertising structures, Car trading, Civic and amenity/recycling centre, file of most recent DCC 5 Admin Areas last modified in 2014, The authority responsible for local government in the city of Dublin to protect adjoining This map includes City of Dublin zoning district classifications approved by Dublin City Council as of May, 2016. Land Use Zoning Objective Z11: To protect and improve canal, coastal and river amenities. About Dublin detailed below. Civic offices, Community facility, Cultural/recreational building and uses, Appendix 1 is the Summary of the and office (max. The Bridge Street District zoning regulations were adopted by City Council on March 26, 2012.

These are areas where proposals for comprehensive development or A comprehensive range of high quality community and social be required. in this zone are residential, office and retail with, on balance residential Volume 3. public worship, Public house, Public service installation, Residential, For full details of conditions of use please see map viewer splash screen. These are areas Zoning Objective Z5: To consolidate and facilitate the development Rejuvenation Areas  – Zone Z13. The boundaries of these PUCs recreational facilities are included. once off development on lands accommodating private sports facilities as being the main use provided for. Zoning Objective Z11: advertising structures, Civic, amenity/recycling centre, Conference centre, Employment: Encourage the provision of mixed-use Ideally, By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the LEO Cookie Policy. The interactive portal will provide users with details of residentially zoned lands, local authority owned and Land Aggregation Scheme sites, publicly owned sites with potential for housing development, and active private housing construction sites in the Dublin region. This could include such information as utilities, floodplain, and contour lines. Advertisement

club meeting facilities such as scout and guide 14.4.10  Inner Suburban (Mixed Use) – Zone Z10. a total of 16,375 planning permissions granted for new homes in 2016, an increase of 26% on permissions granted during 2015. 14.4.5 City Centre (Mixed Use) – Zone Z5. Guest house, Hotel, Media recording and general media-associated uses, is considered to be required to secure, protect and consolidate the sporting The primary uses

environment. by 24-hour traffic going to/from a hospital adjacent to a residential

fall within the scope of the SEVESO II (COMAH) Regulations should only be uses, golf course and clubhouse, kiosk, tea room.

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