Two years after the Behmai Massacre, Phoolan accepted to surrender with certain conditions. While studying at NSD, she used to go to Shakuntalam Theatre in Delhi to see foreign films. Phoolan was the only woman member of that gang of dacoits. She further appeared in the shows such as Leila (2019) and Dadi Amma… Dadi Amma Maan Jaao! Sher Singh Rana escaped Tihar Jail and reportedly escaped to Kandahar in Afghanistan, two years later he was caught in Kolkata. Phoolan Devi – by N.Pugazhendhi, Coimbatore in TAMIL translated from Malayalam. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

73 0 obj When she escaped after sufferings from her husband’s home, in order to teach Phoolan a lesson for the disgrace she caused to their family, her cousins sent her to prison accusing her of stealing their belongings.

Star Biography – Height, Weight, Age, Wiki, Family and more. They let her off with a warning to behave herself in the future with her family. She started taunting her cousins and use foul tongue against them. Sher Singh Rana was helped by another Uttar Pradesh-based Subhash Thakur, who gave him Rs. After that, she acted in many stage plays. She was then asked to lead a peaceful life with her husband. Phoolan Devi decided to surrender to the Madhya Pradesh police department. In 1969, her husband abandoned her few months after the ceremony of Gauna (a ceremony where married women start cohabiting with their husband). Phoolan is a documentary film about the extraordinary life of an illiterate village girl, gang-rape survivor, bandit leader and finally parliamentarian. During the period in question, industry was depressed even in the large cities, and daily life was a grim engagement with subsistence farming in a dry region with poor soil. She also insisted that she would lay down her arms only before the pictures of Mahatma Gandhi and the Hindu goddess Durga, not to the police. 14 0 obj A few days after the proposal for division had been floated, a quarrel ensued between Shri Ram and Vikram Mallah. In 1994, the state government headed by Mulayam Singh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party summarily withdrew all charges against her, and Phoolan was released. She was the only woman in that gang, and her relationship with one gang member, coupled with caste difference, caused a gunfight between gang members. She also asked for the protection of her family while she served her sentence.

<> The exact reason behind Phoolan’s decision to turn towards banditry is unclear. She was born into a Mallah (boatman caste). While her family thought that her rebellious nature and her habit of using profanity would be kept in check by her husband and her in-laws, the reality turned out to be totally different.


The Behmai massacre provoked outrage across the country. [4] Phoolan spent the next eleven years in jail, as the various charges against her were tried in court. Out of all her sibling, only Phoolan, her elder sister Rukmini Devi Nishad, her younger sister Munni Devi, and her brother survived. Even today, Phoolan Devi is hailed as the Indian Robin Hood by many. She was absolved of all her charges in 1994 when Mulayam Singh Yadav became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and was eventually set free. The region where Phoolan lived (Bundelkhand) is even today extremely poor, arid and devoid of industry; most of the able-bodied men migrate to large cities in search of manual work.

These activities consisted of attacking and looting villages where upper-caste people lived, kidnapping relatively prosperous people for ransom, and committing occasional highway robberies which targeted flashy cars. Now Hiring Mr And Ms Versatility.

She was considered a social outcast as it was a taboo in Indian society for a woman to her husband or a husband to a woman. Seema Biswas in a Scene from Maha Kumbh Ek Rahasaya, Ek Kahani (2014-15). Reminiscing about her father, Seema says.

It was alleged that a party worker picked up revolvers that had been dumped by the killers and hid them. It began to be said that the manhunt was not successful because Phoolan had the support of poor people in the region; stories on the Robin Hood model began circulating in the media.

She then left him on the road along with a note which warned other men that they too, would face similar fate if they marry young girls from the neighboring villages. She is famous for her portrayal of ‘Phoolan Devi’ in the film “Bandit Queen” (1994) and ‘Shakuntala’ in the film “Water” (2005). endobj

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